DISC Personality Profiling Questionnaire

I provide DISC personality profiling questionnaires & reports and have an online account with People Keys, a US based company.

This is an online questionnaire that you answer based on a specific role you have at work, for example.

DISC report

After you have answered the questions, you are provided with a detailed 14-page report about your

  • strengths and weaknesses
  • potential areas for adaptation
  • growth & development
  • performance as an individual and when working with colleagues/teams.

Your report also creates 3 graphs which show

(1) how you instinctively respond to pressure versus

(2) the manner in which you perceive your typical behaviour and

(3) how other people see you.

The graphs are useful because they give you an excellent insight into how you tend to behave in certain roles and this creates a deeper self-awareness of your typical behaviour style, allowing you to adapt when circumstances require so that you can communicate with everyone much more effectively.

DISC is an acronym and stands for:

D = a more dominant, decisive personality

I = a more influential, gregarious personality.

S= a steadier, accepting personality

C= a compliant, methodical personality

D & C are more task focused personalities

I & S are more people focused personalities

What the report shows you

Depending on the role you choose for your questionnaire, The DISC report will show you that you are a combination of up to 3 of these personality types to differing degrees.

Individual feedback session

Most clients also choose to purchase an individual feedback session following completion of the questionnaire. In this feedback session I will answer any of your questions about the report and will show you the patterns and main features that have emerged in your graphs. This will then be followed by helping you to select the most important areas to work on in your communication at work.

Also available: DISC workshops (total of 4 sessions)

Session 1: Overview of DISC (usually 1 hour)

What DISC is, key features and advantages for your professional performance.

Session 2: DISC questionnaire completion

I send you the link and you do this in your own time between sessions 1 and 3.

Session 3: Individual report feedback (usually 1 hour)

A personal, anonymous one-to-one session with me, your accredited DISC practitioner, where I talk you through your personal report and discuss the graphs that highlight your personal profile in 3 key areas: how you see yourself, how others see you and how you tend to react in a stressful situation within your chosen professional role.

Session 4 Group report feedback (usually 2 hours)

This team session is led and mediated by me, your accredited DISC practitioner. We focus on 3 key areas: observing each team member’s profile, revealing how you work together and illustrating ways to improve communications where there are potential points of misunderstanding or conflict within the team.


The DISC questionnaire, for private individuals, costs €25 and is available in English and Italian. Clients often choose to combine doing a DISC questionnaire with an individual feedback session with me at an additional cost of €30 for a 60-minute session.

All prices quoted are exclusive of IVA (VAT).

Book now for a free consultation to discuss your coaching needs.

For groups/teams, workshops and bulk orders, please contact me at lara@larastatham.com for pricing details.

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