Getting professional support for your presentations is important if you want to

  • have a fresh pair of eyes look over your slide deck
  • practise with someone who is neutral
  • receive useful feedback on your slides/performance
  • get better at delivering presentations

For speakers who require coaching support in building confidence in public speaking, I will help you to

  • gain confidence in public speaking
  • work on what might be preventing you from being a confident public speaker
  • implement techniques that will help you build confidence over time

Presentations for professionals pricing

Professional support – usually up to 3 sessions

Building confidence – usually up to 4 sessions

Clients often buy a package of 3-4 sessions of 60 minutes each where we work on the following:

Professional support
3 support sessions

  1. Reviewing slide deck & practising delivering your presentation – feedback on slide deck/performance

  2. Reviewing changes & practising – focus on voice

  3. Reviewing changes & practising – focus on managing audience questions

Price €40 per hour

Building confidence
4 coaching sessions

  1. Identifying your motivation for being a good speaker & exploring your values

  2. Aligning your values to your speaking goals

  3. Preparing a presentation for delivery
  4. Presentation delivery/feedback & setting sustainable goals for growth

Price €60 per hour


The prices quoted above are for private individuals.

All prices quoted are exclusive of IVA (VAT)

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