Proof-reading is for you if you need…

  • to have the English language checked in your text before you send it off to the editors for publication

I will

  • check your text for English grammar/spelling/punctuation/style
  • collaborate with you so that you are happy with the final document

I specialise in proof-reading medical science texts in the fields of oncology, paediatrics, onco-haematology and psychology and also within the fields of teacher education/pedagogy.


Proofreading between €7-€8 per Italian ‘cartella’ (equal to 1500 keystrokes including spaces – around 250 words)

This includes a review of orthography and grammar and advice on style. Prices do depend on the quality of the text which should be already of reasonably high-level quality. The following factors will affect the price: if the document is difficult to read and/or when the document needs to be delivered very quickly.

All prices quoted are exclusive of IVA (VAT) For an estimate, please contact me at and include your text so I can give you a price for the work you need.

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Students working together

Academic Writing

English Examinations preparation  (Ielts, FCE, CAE)


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