Lara is an amazing coach. She is very authentic, intuitive and her listening skills are second to none. Lara helped me to work through challenges I have been struggling with for a long time but during our coaching session I was able to break through some of my barriers and develop an action plan and tools that is will serve me far beyond our coaching sessions. I can nothing but highly recommend her. Thank you, Lara!

Katrin Charlton | Executive & Leadership Coach



I came across Lara's coaching service on recommendation from a friend, and while initially unsure whether it would be for me, I am now very glad that I did decide to go ahead. Lara is an excellent listener, and does not hesitate to ask you the questions you wouldn't even think to ask yourself, which help see your situation and in a completely different light. It is not an overstatement that our sessions have been life-changing, and have equipped me with tools that I will use for the rest of my life for sure. I would recommend Lara's coaching services not only to those looking for a change in career, or for advice about how to get into a certain career, but also for those such as myself that think they know their career plan and objectives well but feel something is missing, Lara can help anyone find their true north and how to have a fulfilling professional life.

Robert Pomahaci – Business Consultant | Project Management/Data Analysis



Working with Lara has been a wonderful and incredibly eye-opening experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a real change in their life or reach a particular personal/professional goal. Lara helped me navigate unchartered waters by asking insightful questions and has given me the confidence to make a complete change in trajectory career-wise. Through her support and fresh perspectives, she has helped me map out and visualise how I will achieve my aims. Lara is professional, kind, motivating and an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you, Lara!

Rebecca Jones | English Language Teacher



Lara is a very skilled coach. When working together, she knew very well how to develop my full potential. She was able to instantly analyse my needs and performance and provided very helpful guidance and encouragement. We worked together only 3 hours and in that time I managed to put a new project together which I executed fully. Our last session coincided with the final stage of it. The process of working together felt incredibly productive. I was progressing extremely fast while feeling safe even in the most challenging moments. She was always able to help me bring back peace and healthy balance while getting me to work out an effective way out of difficult corners. I thoroughly enjoyed working together and recommend Lara to anyone who thinks about getting a coaching session and even more to those who, like me, thought that they didn't really need one. Thank you very much Lara for revolutionising my idea about what coaching can be.

Monika Gora | Academic English Teacher



Lara is a great coach, she supported me in identifying clearly my values and priorities. As a result of her coaching, I now feel more motivated in my profession and I acquired noticeable skills in the way I communicate with my team and with the clients. Thanks to Lara's guidance, I feel ready to achieve other objectives that I considered almost impossible and that will change my professional and private life for the better.

Elisa Tornavacca | Italian lawyer & Solicitor of England & Wales



There are certain things in life that you know, going in, will be emotionally intense, such as academic journeys, or competitions. The European Innovation Academy, being both, was a rollercoaster of emotions, solely because it was designed to test your mettle. To see if you had what it takes to survive in quicksand. I was initially wary, but conversations with Lara helped me discover tools I didn't realize I had, to rise up to the challenge, while she gently introduced me to new ones. The idea, she kept subtly reinforcing, was to let your so-called limitations challenge you, rather than define you. Every insecurity, she reminded, stemmed from a person's urge to improve, to be better; It proved that you were open to change, which was (I later realized) what the EIA journey had been about all along. The extent to which you all helped us. you were like batman. The hidden knight in the dark, who comes out whenever there is a sign we need you

Deeksha Singh – 2020 Erasmus Mundus Scholar | Computer Scientist/Disruptive Entrepreneurship Enthusiast


I am delighted to say that my over a year-long venture with Lara has helped me improve both academically and professionally. In this, it seems that our collaborative endeavour of combined learning and coaching sessions not only significantly improved my academic writing skills but has also better prepared me for dealing with the organisational aspect of my career which seemed deeply disharmonious prior to this joint enterprise. This in turn, allowed for more space to focus purely on enhancing my skills as a professional and as a proudly developing academic.

Maciej Iwanowicz | PhD Student & Psychology Practitioner



I found my coaching sessions with Lara very productive. Each time I was ending up with a great, smart action-plan to go and implement immediately. Lara skilfully guided me to commit to what I really could do by being very patient, supportive and positive. Her style is gentle and encouraging, which worked very well with me because I don’t like people pushing me to do things. Lara allowed me to figure out my own pace. The coaching sessions with Lara helped me to gain more confidence in my abilities, realise my strengths and my potential and created a huge list of possibilities that I hadn’t seen before. It’s been a wonderful journey.

Gabriela Weglowska | Intercultural Trainer


As a coach you need to walk your talk. That’s why I have Lara as my coach. Being coached by Lara helps me sustain my high performance and making sure that I achieve the most important things in my life that will give me the best results. She challenges me when she see that I am trying to put something important off and also makes me aware of the consequences. She helps me build an action plan that is helping me achieve and attract success in my life. Lara is an incredible coach and she accounts for many successes that I have achieved as well as successes to come. Thanks Lara

Nigel Azzopardi | Business Director



With her deep understanding of how to handle stressful situations, Lara Statham has been an inspiration for me during difficult times, caused by health issues. She has helped me to deal more effectively with inner, mental stress, mainly by making me reflect and see things in a different light. She also provided useful tools to practice externalising some inner emotions without those emotions being too “explosive”. I am grateful to her for her help and believe this help has lessened my burdens has also spread across or filtered through to family and friends. Thanks Lara!

Andrew Martin Garvey | University Teacher



My coaching sessions with Lara were extremely productive. Although being a coach myself and using self-coaching, Lara managed to help me find the right direction forward for me and the actions I needed to take to get me there. Something that I was struggling with when I coached myself. She was also very effective at challenging my commitments, which made me focus a lot more on get things done. If you are struggling moving forward in your life, career or business, then Lara will certainly help you move forward and keep you accountable

Nicolas Foster | IT Executive Coach



Lara, provided me with the opportunity to think about how I should be approaching my clients to enhance my business and also who to approach. She is very thought provoking and personable and I really enjoyed our sessions as I always came away with a feeling of progress.

Denise Adcock | Healthcare & Professional Development Coach


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